Journal of Simulation Engineering

The peer-reviewed and peer-published Journal of Simulation Engineering (JSimE) is dedicated to the accessible dissemination of research results in the broad area of simulation engineering to the global modeling and simulation community by providing True Open Access.

True Open Access means that the journal is not only accessible to readers, but also to authors who do not have to pay excessive publication charges. It also means that research results are not just reported in PDF files with limited interactivity and accessibility, but are available in the more accessible HTML format, which allows improved text retrieval, analysis and indexing, in-document linking, semantic annotations, multi-media contents and interactivity.

The focus of the journal is on concepts, theories and techniques for the design and implementation of simulations, simulators and simulation frameworks, including requirements analysis, modeling languages, model engineering, user interface design and development methodologies (like agile or model-driven).




Consortium for True Open Access in Modeling and Simulation