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Volume 1 (2018/2019)
  1. Information and Process Modeling for Simulation – Part I: Objects and Events
  2. Schema-based Ontological Representations of a Domain-Specific Scenario Modeling Language
  3. Assessments of Introducing New Technologies in Disaster Prevention Planning
  4. Panel Discussion: On the Unity and Diversity of Computer Simulation
  5. Simulation Framework for Asynchronous Iterative Methods
Volume 2 (2020/2021)
  1. Implementing Asynchronous Linear Solvers Using Non-Uniform Distributions
Volume 3 (2022/2023)
  1. A Gamefied Synthetic Environment for Evaluation of Counter-Disinformation Solutions
  2. Improving Delivery Performance of Construction Manufacturing Using Machine Learning
Volume 4 (2024/2025)
  1. Simulating and Validating Vehicular Cloud Computing Applications in MEC-enabled 5G Environments
  2. E-Dossiers for Optimising Data Transmission in Italian Civil Area: Telematisation at the Tribunal of Cuneo